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  • Datum
    donderdag 18 oktober 2018

    Tijdstip opname: 07:23
  • Baan open vanaf 8.00 uur
  • Laatste afslag 19.00 uur
  • Baan sluiting 19.00 uur
  • Qualifying
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  • Zomergreens
  • Putting Green Open
  • Driving Range Open

Competitie voorbereiden: Heren 2 tegen Heren senioren 1

Bergvliet Sunday 5th March. While Sparta were delaying eventual celebrations on the Coolsingel, later this spring, two Kralingen Competitie teams were preparing for their own celebrations at the same time.

Battling through the wet conditions, underfoot and heavy rain on the back 9, there were no disputes requiring referees or camera technology to decide the outcome.The "old guys" were just too strong or smarter for the "younger boys" on the nice Bergvliet layout, where both teams had a very enjoyable day, which ended in a 10-6 victory for Heren Senioren 1.

Although more practise matches are planned before the Competitie begins, this was the big one. Both teams can look forward to their matches with a certain degree of confidence, on this showing.

All participants wish to thank Michiel de Visser for all the arrangements.

George Doughtie