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  • Datum
    donderdag 18 oktober 2018

    Tijdstip opname: 07:30
  • Baan open vanaf 8.00 uur
  • Laatste afslag 19.00 uur
  • Baan sluiting 19.00 uur
  • Qualifying
  • Trolleys toegestaan
  • Handicarts toegestaan
  • Zomergreens
  • Putting Green Open
  • Driving Range Open

The Quaich 2016

The annual match for The Quaich (an ancient Scottish drinking vessel) was contested on Friday 3rd June on a bright and warm evening at Kralingen by 29 of this years Heren Competition golfers. 

As usual, an enjoyable evening was had by all participants, although perhaps Guido van Veen, with a chip-in birdie at the last hole, did so just a wee bit more. With three players (Ferry Sommer and Jeroen Zonnenberg being the others) ending with 19 points, a count back secured Guido the trophy and the first slok out The Quaich..... The early start the following morning for some of the Club Championship players didn't seem to dull their spirits as a few nightcaps were enjoyed. 

Daniel/George, The Quaich Commissie